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What is going on in Mistral?
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Feb 14th, 2015

You might have seen that our website wasn't really active in last months, but we are ready to keep you up to date again! Our fans could follow latest news on facebook, but we can't forget about the online website. Team Mistral has been always big name in the french and european esports, we would like to countinue that. Our organisation has two active teams right now: DOTA 2 and Starcraft 2.

DOTA 2 as a MOBA game is really growing in the esports industry, following the unquestionable leader - League of Legends. Team Mistral believes that the entertainment and tournaments connected with the game will be even better! That's why we deceided to welcome very successful Belgian/French team, who are one of the greatests squads in their countries. Our players have just come back from InsaLan in Rennes, which is known as a good and warm lan party. The DOTA 2 tournament had nice prizepool - 1 400 €. Mistral.DOTA 2 managed to finish at 5th place out of 16 teams after losing to Imaginary Gaming and future winner - SoS. Besides ths our players participate in major online leagues and tournaments like Join Dota LeagueDOTA2.FR and WarDota. We'll keep you up to date with their future achievements, now wish them good luck! 

Mistral.DOTA 2: 








 OufTi - Manager

 Here you can see our team in action, with french commentary:

I've mentioned that we have also Starcraft 2 team, which is actually one of the best in France and pretty known in Europe. The team consists not only players from France, but also from Belgium, Norway, Germany and Sweden. Our players play in many major leagues like Starcraft 2 Improve League (SC2TIL) and Pandaria. SC2TIL has just started, we are in second division where we managed to beat PunchLine already with nice result 4-1. Our goal is to advance to first division, where we could face big names like Fnatic or Team Liquid

Current Mistral.SC2 line-up:

Kevin "Wistiti" Feron (Manager)

Loïc "Dizdemon" Poulain

Brice "sTk" Raffestin

Thierry "ZBelin" Albaret

Sylvain "sAsMaDjOkEr" Barre

Thibault "Lind" Poiret

Jeason "FullBuster" Zyberaj

Gabin "Amaryllis" Chazaud

Sylvain "Kurtis" Firmin

Jerry "Stounay" Laurent

Vincent "Arès" Desmarez

Benjamin "Suladân" Legat

Corentin "Makouni" Lacroix

Ruben "Snitchables" Drange 

Kim "KimG" Gripenberg

Simon "ShimOon" Seelhorst 

Are you ready for Mistral in 2015? Better be!


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