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Snitchables wins HadeLAN!
Posted by: Unknown User
Feb 15th, 2015

Our very talented Ruben "Snitchables" Drange won HadeLAN in Norway this weekend. It's one of the most known lan events in the Scandinavia. Ruben, who is in the Starcraft 2 elite - Grandmaster league, managed to get into the grand final without any problems, beating every opponent he got. In the grand final after a very exciting game he defeated Tobias "SolO" Glenne, who is Zerg for ROOT Gaming. Congratulations Snitchables, let's hope that you will keep up the good work! Congratualtions!



1st place : Ruben "Snitchables" Drange

2nd place: Tobias "SolO" Glenne

3rd place: Eirik "Evire" Stensbøl

Unknown User

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